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Pancho Villa "The Mexican Robin Hood"

Poncho Villa's Early Life

Early Life
Married Life
Life As An Adult
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In Pancho Villa's early life he lived in the small village of Rio Grande in Mexico. His family was poor. He had to leave school to help with his family at the age of seven. His job was to help manage carriages. This was good for him because he loved horses and was a people person. Everybody knew this life style would not suit him. Because he was strong willed. One time he tried to make something of his life. He got a job out of town where he could earn some more money. Since he was a peon this was illegal. the punishment for this was savage. He was tied to one of the fastest horses in Rio Grande and forced to run all the way back home. After that he was severely beaten by the owners of the Hacienda he and his family lived at.

By: Jake Combs